Whip's Tips

Welcome to all things rowing and coxing related.  It's my wish to inspire leadership and community for our sport.  I'll post blogs, videos, and answers to your questions to encourage coxswains and rowers to be stronger leaders and dependable teammates. I hope you enjoy this space, because you have influence over what you want to see and read!  
Steer Straight!

New Year New You

Hello and welcome to the new and improved The 9th Seat's website.  I get a lot of questions regarding respect and how to earn your seat in the boat you want.  I also get a lot of comments from coxswains who feel like they are labeled and will never rid themselves of this label.  My advice to any coxswain or rower who feels this way is to just let it go.  Meaning, you have no control over what coaches or teammates think of you. You do however, have absolute control over how you participate within our sport.  You have control over your steering. You have control over your boat feel. You have control over your situational awareness. You have control over your character and determination.  So as 2015 comes to a close and winter training sets in, you have control over your development over the next few months.  Let's set our sights toward spring racing and help each other get the seat we've been working hard for all winter.  


Steer Straight!,