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About Mary Whipple

Photo of Mary Whipple


9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!

Coxswain Improvement Tips For Beginners

While you might be enthusiastic and cheerful at the thought of becoming a coxswain, the truth is it will take a lot of hard work, effort, and goodwill to turn into a pro. The road is long ahead of you and there will be plenty of turbulence rocking your steady boat. But there are many ways of overcoming all obstacles,…

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Row in the Moment - 04/29/14


Rowing is just as mental as it is physical. Racing season is here and being present each stroke will lead to fast racing. Is your team ready for racing with a winning attitude? Mental toughness and creating a boat identity will lead to fast races.

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Coxswain Leadership Camp: Spatial Awareness - 04/14/14

9th seat flyer

I know many coxswains who are great motivators but don’t get boated because they can’t maneuver their boat well enough. It is very important to coaches to trust their coxswains. The coxswains who are in the right place at the right time are true leaders. Summer camp is a great way to take the time to study and learn the skills that coxswains never have enough time to practice during practice.

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Mary Whipple’s Rowing and Coxing Summer Camp FAQ - 03/31/14

The 9th Seat

You’ve got questions about my coxing and rowing camps? I’ve got answers. This is a working page and I will update it with any new answers to all your questions.

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University of Washington Women’s Junior Rowing Camp - 03/24/14

Husky Stadium

The 9th Seat is not just for coxswains ;) I’m expanding my summer camp program to include two-one week rowing camps that will allow junior athletes a chance to train like a national team athlete at the University of Washington boathouse, Conibear Shellhouse.

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Fall Update: How to Avoid and Recover from Head Race Collisions - 10/15/13

Fall rowing means longer mileage and Head Races on tricky courses. Here is a fall update and advice for avoiding mid-race collisions and recovering with the cleanest line.

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How To Be a Good Coxswain - 09/18/13

Coxswains are the central piece of a boat and they pose the same degree of importance as the rowers themselves. Their primary concern is to struggle to maintain the boat in a straight position while moving on the water; they are hence responsible for steering the wheel of the boat and encouraging the rowers to maintain the established cadence. They…

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Mary Whipple- Hi Tanya, The age range for my Coxswain Leadership Camp in Seattle is 14-18. Your daughter

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2015 San Diego Crew Classic Coxswain Clinic - 03/14/13

crew classic image

I’ve always wanted to offer coxing clinics at the San Diego Crew Classic because it is a tough but rewarding course to navigate. I’m offering two options: (1) small group session and (2) One-on-one session. Kick off this racing season right and get dialed!

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4 Tips for Winter Training Camps - 01/11/13

Brrr...it's Winter

Earning your seat for spring racing happens during practice. If you don’t like where you ended this fall use winter to get better. Most collegiate teams go on winter training trips so use those trips to get back to basics. These 4 tips will help you organize your approach to getting better in the 9th Seat.

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New Jersey: Only the Strong Survive - 01/03/13

MaryWhipple Restore our Shore

It’s been two months since Hurricane Sandy. The Jersey Shore has been a great day off adventure to all the National Team rowers training at the Princeton Training Center. Two members of the rowing community have chosen to help those affected by the storm. Please join me in helping this great non-profit give back to the small businesses that have made the Jersey Shore a fun day off from day to day stress of training for the Olympics.

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