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9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!

Coxing in Munich to Bled

Starting area in Bled. Our hotel is right behind me!

We left Princeton 13 days ago but it seems longer.  Maybe because we’ve done so much and by so much I mean rowing.  This time of year is when all the months of training pay off and when boat speed starts to show.

We’ve had a pretty fun racing season so far because of Henley and Lucerne.  I should have updated my experiences while there but I feel like there are so many blogs and information out there already that I waste my time reading others updates and never allow myself enough time to focus on my blog.  I do a much better job updating my twitter and facebook pages so if you ever get annoyed that I don’t update this website go and check those two places first and bug me there to get my act together and update this thing.  I also have links on the left side of my website page.  This also includes all the questions I’ve been sitting on that coxswains have asked me through my “ask” page.  Please do keep sending me your questions and if you don’t hear from me then ask again and call me out!  Please be nice about it though 😉

Three of my teammates have been doing way better jobs than me on the blogging front. Check out Megan Kalmoe’s, Jamie Redman’s and Esther Lofgren’s blogs because I strive to be like them one day with all their multi media additions which are definitely fan favorites.

The best part about Munich was the ability to jump into the water right after practice.  Growing up in Orangevale, CA and learning to row on Lake Natoma spoiled me into thinking that all lakes were swimmable.  Lake Carnegie in Princeton, NJ burst that bubble. Another great part of Munich was at every dinner there were two forms of potato.  I haven’t met a potato dish that I haven’t liked!

Thumbs up in Munich

Swimming in Munich right after practice!

Since being in Bled the only difference in weather conditions is that our hotel in Munich had air conditioning.  The hotel in Bled is in a very convenient location with it being right on the starting line area but for those with the “ugly” view of the trees and not the lake we also have the pleasure of not having air conditioning.  I’ve been really blessed with the best roommate ever, Gevvie  Stone, who has the same needs as me.  We have perfected the balcony to front door draft by opening both doors and blasting our fan around the clock to help cool things down.  I’m excited to report that last night I actually used the covers to keep warm rather than sleeping on top of the covers.

Things are moving and shaking as racing starts.  You can follow the W8+ races with this link to World Rowing’s website.  My first race is tomorrow, Monday at 11:06am CET. We are racing in lane 1 against the Ukraine (lane 2), Great Britain (lane 3), and Germany (lane 4).  Winner goes directly to the A final where the top 5 finishers of the A final qualify their boat for the London Olympics.  We’re taking one step at a time and one race at a time.

On our walk to the course on the first day.

View from the start down a lane. The island on the left is at the 1500m mark.

We try and having matching uniforms while at Worlds except for College Uni Day!!



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