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I'll be at Head of the Charles! « 9th Seat 9th Seat

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About Mary Whipple

Photo of Mary Whipple


9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!

I’ll be at Head of the Charles!

Hello Coxswains!

I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be up at The Head of the Charles this year.  The main reason why I’m headed up there is to promote and sell our 2012 Power and Grace Calendar. It is bigger and better than last years and the best part is that the whole team took part in creating this fundraiser with all proceeds going towards our daily training expenses.

So you can buy your 2012 Power and Grace Calendar here or you can come visit us at the USrowing booth in the Expo tent until 2pm on Saturday.  We then will be at the Win Tech tent from 2-4pm signing autographs on newly purchased calendars for anyone who shows up.  We’ll probably even sign the most random things you can come up with.  I’m excited because one of my fans is coming to see me so that I can sign their cox box!  I’ve only signed one of those so far in my career and it was a cool experience.

I’ll even give free advice to anyone who needs tips on how to drive-it-like-you-stole-it on the Charles river.

Good luck to all those first timers on the course and to all the veterans out there…Let’s keep it clean ;)

You can get more info about our Calendar on our Facebook Page.

Please follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on where we will be selling our Calendars at local regattas!

For all those last minute coxswains who need advice on the turns check out one of my old posts that I leave in the “Featured Article” box at the top of my website linked here.


2012 Power and Grace Calendar Photo

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Posted at Thursday, October 20th, 2011 in: News

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