Leadership Camp FAQ



Q: Will I be able to arrive a day early/stay an extra night? 

Campers will have an option to arrive Sunday evening due to better accommodate flight schedules.  There will be a fee associated with reserving any additional nights' stay that is set by the University of Washington's housing services.  The cost of a double occupancy room is $75. Early/Late arrival stays can be registered and paid for on Regatta Central.  Meals are not provided for early or late arrivals.  Campers will have a chaperoned opportunity to go out for dinner, and meals are available for purchase on/near campus.  


Q: What time should I fly in on Monday? I don't want to miss any minute of camp.

Camp starts at 1pm on Monday.  Campers flying in from the East Coast should book the first flights out in order to make it.  The first hour or so is orientation and team-building activities.


Q: What time can I book my departure flight? 

Camp ends with a BBQ at Conibear Shellhouse at 1pm.  Campers can book their flights anytime around 4:30 pm or later.  We just want to make sure there is enough time for campers to leave with a full stomach, so use your best judgement of what flights make sense and are most economical.


Q: Is there transportation to/from the airport? 

Campers will be responsible for booking their own transportation to/from the airport. 

Shuttle Express is our recommendation for airport transportation needs, however, each family can arrange whatever transportation their family is most comfortable with.  Sound Transit has a light rail system from Seatac to the UW football stadium which is a short walk to the boathouse, Conibear Shellhouse.   


Q: My child will be traveling alone. Will there be someone at the airport waiting? 

On Mondays, absolutely.  A staff member will be present at the airport on Monday morning, hanging around baggage claim to make sure campers navigate the airport and will be able to direct them to where to go to catch their shared van or private car from Shuttle Express. There will also be a staff member located at the dorms to greet the camper when they arrive.  For Sunday arrivals, there will not be a staff member present at the airport, but there will be a staff member present at the dorm to greet the camper as they arrive and to help with check-in.  

Q: Is your Coxswain Leadership Camp Co-ed? 

YES!!!  Coxswain Leadership camp is a co-ed camp and is open to any high school aged coxswain, male or female.  An all ages week of Coxswain Leadership Camp is in the works, but currently the two one-week camps at the University of Washington are for male and female high school aged coxswains.  

Q: Is this a University of Washington summer camp or The 9th Seat rowing camp?  

My rowing camp will take place at the University of Washington, where campers will have the same access to equipment and facilities that Washington's Division I student-athletes have. This rowing camp is acting as the unofficial official University of Washington's junior women's rowing camp.  It's a great way to get the feel of what it would be like to row for the University of Washington and an opportunity to set up a time to meet with UW coaches after the camp is over and campers are officially released.  

Q: Who will be coaching at Rowing Leadership Camp?

I have recruited some of the biggest names in the women's rowing world.  My 2008 Olympic Champion teammates in the women's eight will help coach.  Lindsay Shoop (2-seat, University of Miami GA coach) and Erin Cafaro (Bow-seat, PSE co-founder and coach) will be coaching. Anna Cummins (5 seat, Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness) will give a special presentation of how to take care of your spine (for Rowing Leadership Camp only).  

Q: Will the topic of getting recruited or how to get recruited be addressed at either camp?

Absolutely.  I've formed a relationship with The Rower's Edge, who provide high school rowers and coxswains advice on how to get recruited.  They pride themselves on confidentiality and love it when college coaches don't realize one of their clients is on their team.  Rower's Edge will Skype in to give a short, informative, "How To" on the basics of recruiting.




Q: How much does the camp cost? 

Coxswain Leadership camp costs $1950.

Rowing Leadership Camp costs $1250.


Q: Why the cost difference between the two camps? 

Coxswain Leadership Camp is limited to only 20 coxswains to ensure a 5 to 1 coach-to-student ratio for quality coxswain instruction.  Each camper will have the opportunity to work directly with me within the group setting when we listen and constructively critique campers' audio examples.

Rowing Leadership Camp at the University of Washington will have maximum of 26 rowers and 5 coxswains for a 7 to 1 coach to student ratio. 


Q: Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely.  You can have the option of sending in check payments, Pay Pal, or I can set up a payment plan through Regatta Central.  Just message me and we'll make a plan together.