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About Mary Whipple

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9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!

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Coxswain Leadership Camp: Spatial Awareness

I know many coxswains who are great motivators but don’t get boated because they can’t maneuver their boat well enough. It is very important to coaches to trust their coxswains. The coxswains who are in the right place at the right time are true leaders. Summer camp is a great way to take the time to study and learn the skills that coxswains never have enough time to practice during practice.

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gameswizardx.com- Brain Age group: Train Your Brain in Mins a Day showcased several brief games that will designer

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Fall Update: How to Avoid and Recover from Head Race Collisions - 10/15/13

Fall rowing means longer mileage and Head Races on tricky courses. Here is a fall update and advice for avoiding mid-race collisions and recovering with the cleanest line.

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Toony- Good call MWhip, Remember, your coach will seldom (maybe never) hear what you say in practice

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4 Tips for Winter Training Camps - 01/11/13

Brrr...it's Winter

Earning your seat for spring racing happens during practice. If you don’t like where you ended this fall use winter to get better. Most collegiate teams go on winter training trips so use those trips to get back to basics. These 4 tips will help you organize your approach to getting better in the 9th Seat.

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How To Avoid and Recover Head Race Collisions 9th Seat- […] HOCR 101--Don't forget about Eliot!Welcome to The 9th Seat […]

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HOCR 101–Don’t forget about Eliot! - 10/14/09


I’ve had many coxswains ask me if I have any tips for The Head of the Charles.  What a loaded question that one is. I’ve decided to break the course down in the simplest instructions.  After all, the more simple you make your coxing the better off you’ll be. The Warm-up: For me the warm-up for HOCR is the worst…

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Mary Whipple- Honestly just go with your gut and have fun. Once you are in the boat live in the moment and

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Creating Motivations - 05/12/09


  Q: Even though I make sure I’m constantly telling the rowers information like rate, position against boat/on river, and technical reminders I feel like i don’t have enough motivation techniques to get them past other boats. You wouldn’t happen to have any tips on creating motivations would you? I don’t want to end up saying the same phrase 10…

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Phincox- Yes, the surf drill was a fun one. I stayed in the seat to steer but we had four rowers stand

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Actions Speak Louder than Words - 04/22/09


Q: I’m the Varsity coxn on my team and I’ve been coxing for about a year now, but I do feel like I am taken advantage of at times by the older rowers, even when I assert myself and speak with authority. Any suggestions on how I could let my rowers know I know what I’m doing even though I’m…

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Mary Whipple- Here is a quick tip: When docking think about gliding into the dock rather than rowing to it

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Steering Buoyed Courses - 04/21/09


Got a question from a coxswain asking about buoyed courses… Q: I was wondering, when steering buoyed 2k courses, do you use really distant points or the buoys? It’s kinda hard to see that far… A:  Exactly, it is far to see down to the finish line of a 2k course.  That is why when I steer a buoyed course, I…

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