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About Mary Whipple

Photo of Mary Whipple


9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!

Tips for racing by one of our own!

I recently read this article and have picked up some tips from a fellow coxswain.  That’s right, even after 17 years of coxing, I’m constantly learning and seeking out new ways of sitting in that 9th Seat!

What I like most about Seamus’ article is how he describes his way of keeping his voice calm and consistent on race day.  Please take the time to read this article here to get his perspective of race day.

The best part of giving coxswain clinics is having the chance to learn from other coxswains.  I’m always looking for new ways of coxing and I’m always eager to hear other coxswain’s opinions of how they execute our craft.  So please use your fellow coxswain teammates to learn from each other and never stop learning.  I’ve said this before and I still believe it to this day…Once you think you have arrived in the sport and mastered it, you will either hit a buoy or drive your 8+ up onto the dock.

Never stop learning!!

Good luck to all coxswains racing at their championship races!!


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Posted at Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 in: Advanced Coxswain

8 Responses to “Tips for racing by one of our own!”

  1. Vicky Knight says:

    Have listened to your recordings all week, Mary, in preparation for a huge race at the Masters National Championships in Tasmania Australia this Saturday.
    I have gained many tips and been able to use your different focusses in the boat to apply to sessions with my boys.
    Thanks for taping those sessions.

  2. Reilly says:

    As a coxswain whose nerves sometimes get to her, it is nice to get a sense of what else I can do to make myself soud that much more calm. I do a pretty good job of keeping my nerves in control, but every little bit of advice helps. I’ll take this with me on race day!

    Thanks Mary for showing us this article! The whole breathing from the diaphram is hepful! I am also glad, i sometimes humor my boat, and it’s nice to know that other coxswains do it to. :)

  3. Olivia says:

    Sadly the article link is no longer working..

  4. Mary Whipple says:

    Bummer, Seamus has graduated from UW so they probably took the content down. Next time I’ll share the link and then paste the article as well. Thanks Olivia!

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