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About Mary Whipple

Photo of Mary Whipple


9th Seat is the brainchild of Mary Whipple, Olympic gold medalist coxswain of the US women’s eight. Here you’ll find informative blog posts, tips and tricks, and opportunities to learn from the best!


Row in the Moment

Rowing is just as mental as it is physical. Racing season is here and being present each stroke will lead to fast racing. Is your team ready for racing with a winning attitude? Mental toughness and creating a boat identity will lead to fast races.

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Caitlin Southwick- Hi Mary! I went to your coxswain camp in Seattle last year, and had an amazing time. I'm really

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University of Washington Women’s Junior Rowing Camp - 03/24/14

Husky Stadium

The 9th Seat is not just for coxswains ;) I’m expanding my summer camp program to include two-one week rowing camps that will allow junior athletes a chance to train like a national team athlete at the University of Washington boathouse, Conibear Shellhouse.

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Toony- Good call MWhip, Remember, your coach will seldom (maybe never) hear what you say in practice

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4 Tips for Winter Training Camps - 01/11/13

Brrr...it's Winter

Earning your seat for spring racing happens during practice. If you don’t like where you ended this fall use winter to get better. Most collegiate teams go on winter training trips so use those trips to get back to basics. These 4 tips will help you organize your approach to getting better in the 9th Seat.

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Mary Whipple- Bummer, Seamus has graduated from UW so they probably took the content down. Next time I'll

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Tips for racing by one of our own! - 05/04/11


I recently read this article and have picked up some tips from a fellow coxswain. That’s right, even after 17 years of coxing, I’m constantly learning and seeking out new ways of sitting in that 9th Seat!

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Mary Whipple- Spencer, Toony is a great friend! I hope people read that conversation light heartily.

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8 Questions Answered. - 03/11/11


I answers 8 questions from an Indiana University coxswain named Gayle. Questions ranged from favorite collegiate memory to best race ever. In Gayle’s blog post she mentioned that she recognized me by my voice which I think is so cool! Thanks Gayle for asking me those questions.

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Savana Joseph- I would like to know if you have any coxswain recordings I can listen to? Thanks.

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Practice is Heating Up! - 02/01/11

Land Warm-up

A coxswain can play a huge role in creating and maintaining a team’s culture. Here are examples of how to lead your team.

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Mary Whipple- Hi Will, Getting noticed by college coaches probably won't happen from your results. You

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Old Dawg, New Tricks. Docking! - 11/01/10

My favorite Rudder

Below I’ve posted the blog I wrote for Row2k. They’ve asked me to blog for them during the World Championships. I’ll update both blogs during racing. So here it is… After being here in New Zealand for 10 days the wind has finally shown itself for the past two days. I had a feeling that the wind would start to…

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Mary Whipple-

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Know your Audience - 03/14/09

Anna and Mary

The next time you get into a racing situation in practice make sure you know who is in your boat. Sometimes the best motivation for a rower is simple information. Information like: How much farther until the line? How many seats will it take to get even? How many seats until the lead? After your rowers hear the information, make…

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